16 AUGUST 2008


Astronomy 2008

Beauty and Science through Astronomy

These days, an amateur astronomer with modest equipment and skies can bring the Universe to more people than ever before. With the aid of digital cameras and modern CCDs, they can amaze their friends and astound the public by bringing the Moon, planets, stars, and interstellar objects closer than ever before.

Here, we will take a day to salute their drive, persistence, skills, and willingness to share what they have learnt with fellow amateur astronomers and the general public.


ASTRONOMY2008 is held on the 16th of August, 2008, in the city of Singapore at the Singapore Art Museum (The Glass Hall).

The Glass Hall has a capacity of ~200 furnished with appropriate tables and seating and features modern audio-visual facilities. The spacious courtyards adjacent to the Glass Hall provide a convenient location for astronomical observing, refreshments and interaction amongst fellow astronomy enthusiasts. Parking slots are available (limited) for the facilitation of astronomical equipment transportation.

10:00am to 5:00pm



By Bus:
SBS: 7, 14, 16, 36, 97, 124, 131, 162, 174
SMART Tibs: 77, 167, 171, 190, 700, 700A, 857

SAM is a 10-minute walk from City Hall MRT station.

Public parking is available at Waterloo Street, NTUC Income Centre and Queen Street.


This exciting full-day event features: renowned veteran astronomy speakers, imaging workshop, solar and planetary observing, lucky draws, astronomical equipment showcase and an astrophotography gallery.

The ASTRONOMY 2008 Crew is pleased to bring you an interesting lineup of speakers and talks.
The symposium is kicked off on Saturday morning with our SINGASTRO community, to let you meet your online astronomy friends in person, see old friends, meet new friends, and talk shop with other astronomy enthusiasts. You will be able to pick up your registration booklets at this time.
This is followed by a hosted session aimed mainly at less experienced amateur astronomers.

The event will start with a presentation on introductory practical astronomy, with an emphasis into pursuing observational astronomy in an urban environment. The session is oriented toward beginners, but all enthusiasts are invited to attend and provide tips and encouragement. There will also be an astro-imaging workshop covering intermediate and advanced astrophotography techniques applicable to astronomy imaging for our budding astrophotographers.

Later in the afternoon, the Crew is pleased to offer an exclusive public viewing of the Sun, courtesy of astronomers from SINGASTRO. Enthusiasts will get to see the Sun with safety filters in both white and hydrogen-alpha light, an event definitely not to be missed! Likewise, in the evening, everyone will be treated to planetary views of Jupiter and a highly magnified cruise around the Moon through powerful telescopes over at the grounds of the Singapore Management University, directly opposite the Museum.



10.00AM Glass Hall: Introduction to Practical Astronomy
11.00AM Glass Hall: Telescope Display Viewing and Interaction
11.30AM Glass Hall: Astro-imaging Workshop
Courtyards: Solar Observation and LIVE Imaging
1.00PM Glass Hall: Nebulae and Galaxies (documentary screening)
2.00PM Glass Hall: Heavenly Things
Courtyards: Solar Observation and LIVE Imaging
3.00PM Glass Hall: Shadow and Light - the Eclipse Chasers!
Courtyards: Astronomers’ Interaction
4.00PM Glass Hall: Night Events - Meteors
Courtyards: Astronomers’ Interaction
5.00PM Glass Hall: Closing Remarks / Photo-taking
7.00PM SMU: A Date with Jupiter and the Moon

Programme is subjected to changes without notice.



Y.K. Chia

Y. K. Chia picked up Visual Astronomy as a hobby in the early 70s initiated by a single Science Lesson titled - "The Star At night" as well as Sir Patrick Moore's astronomy publication. His astro interests were rekindled in late 90s concentrating on wide field astronomy - meteors, comets and satellites observation in urban sky.

Phil Chan

Dr. Phil Chan lectures at the National University of Singapore and he does research in particle physics phenomenology. He is a Fellow at the Institute of Physics, London and has also held visiting appointment as a Scholar for History and Philosophy of Science at Cambridge University.

Remus Chua

Since 1990, Remus (who is also the main organiser of Astronomy 2008 and founder of SINGASTRO) has taken an avid interest in the various fields of astronomical imaging, ranging from emulsion-based (film), CMOS, to CCD deep sky imaging, with the data acquisition of information including the wide-field panoramic expanse of the Milky Way to narrow-field record of galaxies and planetary nebulae.

Andrew Soh

Having recently experienced the total solar eclipse in Xingjiang, China, Andrew will desribe his solar eclipse expedition together with some of the SINGASTRO team members that went up to China together. He will relate the preparatory work done, share some amusing and not so amusing experiences along the way, and finally give a visual reconstruction of the event itself at the observation site. If you have not seen a total eclipse before, his talk will definitely open your eyes and hopefully inspire you to attend another upcoming total solar eclipse due next year!

Solar & Planetary Gazing

A2008 attendees are invited to observe the Sun with attitude, through a variety of Hydrogen-alpha and sunspot solar filters. Join us, for an afternoon session of solar observing at the courtyards in A2008. No star party entrance fee, or registration required. Bring a piece of clear sky to share with fellow photon-deprived amateur astronomers

Telescope Display

A2008 attendees will be treated to a display of telescopes from almost all design genres. Apertures from the humble 3-inch refractor all the way to the giant Dobsonians will be present. Do not miss this sight!