Road trip up to Mersing!

Sunset colours during road trip up

Sumerian 12-inch dobsonian ready for the night

RH200 ready to soak in photons

Group shot of the four musketeers!

In anticipation for the night

AP130GT on the GM8

TPO 8-inch Newtonian on G11


Savouring local Bak Kut Teh for lunch

Initial glimpse of MyT mount

Preparations for the night ahead


Lush green padi fields

Sardine puffs for breakfast!

Another local fare - nasi lemak!

Group shot!

Takahashi CN212 on Bisque MyT

Big cannons!

Assorted telescopes ready for the night.

Vixen Polarie

Vixen refractor

Equipment chatter

Gary and his new telescope!

Group from KL

Celestron Maksutov 90

Group shot!


Ivan and his power machine

Equipment array

Big cannons

Imaging in progress!

Starry night view (facing chalets)

Preparing the Sumerian dobsonian

Close-up look at TPO newtonian

Vixen VMC260L

Carbon-fibre tube refractor

Portable refractor imaging setup

Canon gear up close

Telescope salvo!

Law and astronomy coming together!


An elated Jeremy!

Another starry night view

Looking into the Takahashi CN212

Beginner chatter

Night sky view (facing northwest)

Huge Canon lens!

Losmandy G11 with TPO 8-inch Newtonian

Dual Borg refractors on iOptron ZEQ25

ZEQ25 autoguiding graph

Making a date with a long-focus and short-focus refractors

Setup preparations

First light for a truss dobsonian

Group shot!

Another look at the dual Borg refractors setup

A discontinued but treasured eyepiece

A closer look at the truss dobsonian

Calibration in daylight

Doing up the setup

Mounting the Vixen VSD

Vixen VSD

A vintage mount

A vintage long-focus refractor from Vixen

Birthday celebrations!

A really nice Berlebach tripod

An imager portrait

A date with the Mewlon 210

Getting a hang of a new telescope setup

Celestron C90 on a brand-new iOptron ZEQ25

Learning the ropes from the veteran imager

Long-focus sharp TAL 100 refractor!

Imager friend from Malaysia

A camera that can couple as weight too!

Engaging in celestial observing together

Whew! I've finally figured it out.

Equipment chat and solar observing

Bubbles bubbles and more bubbles!

All set to go, first time in Mersing!

Another imager friend from Malaysia

Thumbs-up for great skies ahead!

MSK durians. Check out the price!

On-site culinary experimentations

Curious feline

We have visitors!

Your fingers are not going to touch the telescopes!

A setup on steroids!

Borg Borg Borg

Getting dark.


Flats time!

Equipment discussion

Pristine example of optics!

Knowledge sharing in progress!

Wide-field time-lapse setup

Using a remote intervalometer to assist in imaging

Preparing the refractor for imaging

Waiting for sundown

Birds-eye view of the imaging array

New site discovery for the observers

Another view of the new site

Bahtinov mask

Never too young to learn observational astronomy!

Borg 60 refractor


One moment where everyone gets together!

Ready for solar viewing

Night scene

Night scene 2

Night scene 3

Lifelong passion for the stars!

Lots of oomph in this group shot!

Milky Way arises!

Another Milky Way scene

Telescope array

Grab-and-go setup

Very nifty device for phone imaging

Anticipating sundown

Ready for the night!

Looking south

Another bird's eye view of the telescope array

Night scene

Night under the stars

Solar imaging under extremely hazy conditions!

A premium tracker


Hazy site

Good 'ol Japanese mount!

Ready for the evening!

Our Leonardo da Vinci astronomer!

Neat setup!

Waiting for the night...

Ready for imaging!

Busy preparing

Say Hi!

Bubble level retrofits

What's for dinner?

Growing trees amidst blue skies!



That's a fine manual lens!


Almost like sisters!

Happy and Blue!

Glorious rainbow!

Fiddling with equipment